Most Anabolic Agent FOOD

An interesting question. What is the most powerful of all these anabolic agents: dianabol anadrol, testosterone, or a double bacon cheeseburger?

Yes. The cheeseburger! This point cannot be stressed enough. It does not matter if you are taking perfect dosages of the most powerful drugs with a full range of complimentary anti-estrogens. Stacking with growth hormone and insulin like growth factor 1 You WILL NOT grow large without proper amounts of food. I will not go into this much because you can find many nutrition articles in this website. I will simply reiterate the most important thing for any bodybuilder trying to become an obscenely muscular giant; care only about total protein intake and total calorie intake. Nothing else matters except that and adequate hydration.

You have to be eating every two hours. Consider eating your job, it is not something you do to support your bodys natural cycles of feeding you are pushing your body to grow to a level it has never done before (except perhaps as a baby); you need a constant influx of calories and protein. If, by some miracle, you have the time and money to prepare and eat 6-8 meals that each consist of a thousand clean calories go ahead and do that. But, realistically, it is much better to stuff yourself with ice cream and hamburgers, specially ifyour body type is ectomorphic. Endomorphic types must ingest cleaner calories.

Next time you receive this question. Do not forget food is the most anabolic agent.