Your Access to Cancer Information

It can help you and your family and the people you love.
It can help lower your risk of getting cancer.
The more you know, the more you can help yourself and your family.

Many people in the United States die from cancer every year.
In the year 2008, more than 565,650 people will probably die from cancer.
Some groups are more at risk. For example, African Americans are more at risk than other groups.
That means they have a higher chance of getting cancer.

You can change what you eat to improve your health.
Better eating can lower your risk of getting cancer.
You can also change your exercise habits.
Changing your habits could save your life.

Spread the word about cancer–help yourself and others stay healthy.

Do you want to learn more about cancer? Click below:

  1. ACS Cancer Facts & Figures (American Cancer Society) PDF*